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Huntwyck Village Subdivision

​The Subdivision

 General Homes of Louisiana began developing Phase One (1) of the subdivision in the early 1980’s and continued to add additional Phases Two (2) through Nine (9) through July 1985. Thereafter Sunrise Homes continued the development when General Homes of Louisiana ceased operation in 1987. There are a total of 638 lots within the Subdivision. Huntwyck Village is a Deed Restricted Community which is governed by a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions and membership is mandatory and attached to the deed of each property within the Association. Not all properties located within the subdivision are governed by the Covenants; these properties are considered Non-Member homes and are located on Portsmouth Drive and Holmes Drive. These lots were held by another Construction Company which chose to be kept separate. There were 38 Non-Member properties located within the subdivision of which 7 homeowners voluntarily chose to legally annex their properties into the Association in order to use the amenities and Facilities that the Association owns. As of today there are 31 properties that remain as Non-Members. Members are required to pay annual assessments of $200 each year for developed properties and $20 per year for vacant lots. These assessments are due on the 1st of January each year for the previous year.

The Association presently owns the following properties:
Pool Facility on Raleigh Drive which includes the Association Office
4Parks – 1 located on Raleigh Drive behind the Pool Facility
​1 located in the 300 block of Queen Anne Drive
​1 located in the 500 block of Queen Anne Drive
1 located in the 500 block of Drury Lane

The Association

​The Huntwyck Village Homeowners Association was established as a Non-Profit organization on March 20th, 1980 with the Louisiana Secretary of State, and is self-governed by a Board of Directors of up to Nine (9) members In Good Standing. Elections of new Board Members are held every year normally in March, for a term of Two (2) years. Director terms are staggered on a basis of Four (4) members during even years and Five (5) during odd years, so as not to have the majority of Directors stand for election during the same year. Additional information regarding the Association can be found in our governing documents which include the following and are available on this website.

Articles of Incorporation
​Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions
Annexation Agreements